1. A DSLR is a digital single lens reflex camera.
  2. Manual: where you control everything about the photo. Shutter: where you control the shutter speed. Portrait: good for taking portraits of people.
  3.  shadows, white balance, highlights
  4. worms eye view, birds eye view, rule of thirds, black and white, framing, centered, portrait, landscape, silhouette
  5. the library is where you look at all your photos, organize them, and import and export them.
  6. The meta data is where you can find all the information of the photo: the iso, the focal length, the shutter speed, etc.
  7. crop tool, brush tool, exposure tool
  8. the eyedropper tool helps you find the white balance, the histogram helps you move around the different levels within the photograph.
  9. butterfly, the artist with the weird name where you cast a triangle on the cheek, above lighting, below lighting, straight on lighting.
  10. we rename them in lightroom and name them after where we took the pictures.

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